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STONE SOUR--lead vocalist COREY TAYLOR and guitarist JAMES ROOT (who do double duty in multi-platinum, Grammy winners Slipknot), bassist SHAWN ECONOMAKI, guitarist JOSH RAND and new drummer ROY MAYORGA--will return August 1 with COME WHAT(EVER) MAY (Roadrunner), their first studio album in four years.  Look for the band to hit the road this summer for the much-anticipated Family Values Tour with Korn and Deftones, beginning July 27.
Marking the follow-up to STONE SOUR’s self-titled debut--which was twice Grammy-nominated and RIAA certified Gold--COME WHAT(EVER) MAY was produced by Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Velvet Revolver). The resulting album finds the band firing on all cylinders and primed to capture the attention and the hearts of the rock ‘n roll masses.  Come What(ever) Mayis a sensory experience, encompassing a wide spectrum of emotions.  “30/30-150” (which fans can now experience online at and and “Reborn” (a video posted by the band using this track can be found on are bruisers that’ll get the blood coursing through listeners’ veins, while the first single, “Through Glass,” takes up real estate in your brain, thanks to its unforgettable melodic twists and chorus.  STONE SOUR know how to expertly craft melody and mix it with rock maelstrom in a way that is uniquely their own.
            “As soon as the fans hear this new record, they’ll see it’s different from anything that we have ever done,” says TAYLOR.  “It gives me a chance to do the singing that I love to do, the type of singing that I do when I’m walking around my house.”  Elaborating on how STONE SOUR differs from his work in Slipknot he reveals “With Stone Sour, I loosen up and show more of myself.”

Guitarist Rand believes that the diversity of Come What(ever) May will be what hooks fans, and what keeps them. “This album’s content will fit any mood you may be in,” the guitarist says.  “If you’ve had a bad day at work, you could crank ‘Hell And Consequences.’ If you need a little optimism, you could listen to ‘Through Glass.’  If you are feeling depressed, you could listen to ‘Zzyzx Road.’”
Guitarist ROOT, who contends that life itself influenced this album, sees Come What(ever) Mayas a necessary evolution in the band’s sound. “We’re taking every aspect to the next level. As an artist, no matter what you do, you must evolve. That’s very important to me. Some people fear change. I embrace it. This record is a testament to where I am at, musically and spiritually.”

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Stone Sour “30/30-150”

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Stone Sour “Reborn”



Stone Sour “30/30-150”

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Stone Sour “Reborn”

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Stone Sour Ecard

Official site:

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Come what (ever) may

Track Listing:

1. 30/30-150
2. Come What(ever) May
3. Hell & Consequences
4. sillyworld
5. Made Of Scars
6. Reborn
7. Your God
8. Through Glass
9. Socio
10. 1st Person
11. Cardiff
12. Zzyzx Rd.

Audio CD
(August 1, 2006)

Roadrunner Records


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