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Each Beat May be Your Last

If You Thought Hospitals Were Scary Before …
Now You’ll Find Them Heartstopping!

Heartstopper, Coming to DVD Oct. 31st
Featuring Horror Royalty Robert ‘Freddy’ Englund

LOS ANGELES Oct. 1, 2006 For Immediate Release Featuring one of horror’s most celebrated actors, Robert “Freddy” Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Heartstopper will haunt DVD Oct. 31st, from Union Station Media (distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment).

In Heartstopper, two hospitalized teens discover that things can – and do – get even worse.  When the dilapidated institution is isolated by a severe storm, a maniac with supernatural demonic powers stalks the darkened corridors butchering patients, staff and anyone else who crosses his relentless and seemingly unstoppable path of evil. 

Adults dismiss the warnings of young Sara (Meredith Henderson) – who has been chosen to share an unholy bond with the blood thirsty fiend – as hallucinations resulting from a head injury. Even after they can no longer deny the deadly truth, it is ultimately up to Sara alone to stop the carnage and reclaim her soul.

Heartstopper, which is not rated, is available with two key art campaigns: the family-friendly “Flatliner” box art and the more graphic “Heart” box art.

Heartstopper is presentedin 16 x 9 full-frame 1.78 format and Dolby Digital Stereo 5.1.
Special features include interviews with Robert Englund and director Bob Keen, also a talented special effects and make-up guru whose feature film credits include Alien, Star Wars (Episodes IV, V and VI), Hellraiser (I, II and III), Children of the Corn II and Waxwork (I and II), to name a few.


Street Date: OCTOBER 31, 2006

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Plot Synopsis: When Sheriff Berger (Robert Englund) executes serial killer Chambers (James Binkley) in the electric chair, it seems like it’s the end for the world’s most violent criminal – but it’s only the beginning. Chambers escapes from the hospital morgue and proceeds on a bloodthirsty rampage through the locked down hospital.

Fighting alongside Sheriff Berger are young hospital patients Sara Wexler (Meredith Henderson), and Walter (Nathan Stephenson). The two youths struggle to stay alive in a hospital rapidly filling with blood, along with the help of Nurse Grafton (Laura De Carteret). Chambers’ thirst for violence grows with every gruesome murder and it becomes clear that although he relies on the souls of others to survive, he is particularly fixated on that of Sara Wexler with whom he shares an unholy bond.

In a brutal showdown Chambers kills Sheriff Berger, leaving Sara and Walter to fend for themselves against the supernatural evil. Trapped in the hospital, they can only run for so long…

DVD Features:
  • Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1)
  • Interviews with star Robert Englund and director Bob Keen

Number of discs: 1

Running Time: 92 Minutes Plus Special Features

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Anchor Bay Entertainment


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