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From the Producer of Bruce Almighty and Liar Liar




“This generation’s Animal House!”—Steven Chupnick,



NOVEMBER 14, 2006



Higher education hits an all-time low when Accepted, the hilariously irreverent comedy hit about a loveable group of misfit slackers who create their own college, comes to DVD on November 14, 2006 from the studio that brought you American Pie, Universal Studios Home Entertainment. With a cast of fresh young faces including Justin Long (The Break-Up, Herbie Fully Loaded, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story), Jonah Hill (Click, The 40 Year Old Virgin), Blake Lively (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants), Maria Thayer (Hitch),  Adam Herschman, and Columbus Short (War of the Worlds)  plus veterans Anthony Heald (X Men: Last Stand), Lewis Black (“The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”) and Mark Derwin (“Boston Legal”), Accepted is a frat party of a film, complete with raucous and raunchy laughs. In his directing debut, High Fidelity and Grosse Pointe Blank screenwriter Steve Pink has created a boldfaced, nose-thumbing campus farce, guaranteed to keep audiences laughing long after the credits roll. Produced by Tom Shadyac and Michael Bostick – the collaborators behind the forthcoming comedy feature film Evan Almighty,  as well as previous comedy blockbusters Bruce Almighty and Liar Liar – the Accepted DVD contains more than an hour of hilarious bonus features including scenes too out of control for the theatrical version, sidesplitting outtakes, exclusive downloadable MP3s and insider commentary from the stars and director.


In Accepted, high school slacker Bartleby Gaines (“B” to his buddies) is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his parents from finding out he’s been rejected by every college he applied to – even if that means creating a bogus university, with a demented burnout of a dean (Lewis Black) and a curriculum that includes “How to Design a Smokin’ MySpace Page” and “Cooking with Illicit Substances.”  With a killer website to attract students and an abandoned loony bin to call home, the South Harmon Institute of Technology is open for business. The DVD is priced at $29.98 SRP.  Preorder close is October 10, 2006.


Many critics across the country raved about Accepted’s look at college life. “This generation’s Animal House,” proclaimed Steven Chupnick of  Daniel Newman of the Richmond Times Dispatch concurred that Accepted is “easily the funniest college film since Animal House.” Maxim’s Pete Hammond added “Accepted makes the comedy honor roll for being inventive and riotously funny.”  In addition, Mark Holcomb of Time Out NY noted the film to be, “warm, fitfully hilarious and unexpectedly radical.”

No Holds barred Bonus Features Put

Accepted at the head of the Class

Sign up for a crash course in comedy with Accepted’s exclusive behind-the-scenes features, including:

  • Deleted Scenes & Outtakes – Over 20 minutes of gut-busting deleted scenes and outtakes.
  • Adam’s Accepted Chronicles – Follow Adam Herschman as he tackles his first starring role in a feature film for an unconventional glimpse of life on a movie set.
  • Reject Rejection: The Making of Accepted Accepted’s talented young cast of skateboard champions, football players, cheerleaders and more is let loose on the set and the results are hilarious!
  • Self-Guided Campus Tour – Bartleby’s hilariously wild world is brought to life through an interactive graphic map of the South Harmon Institute of Technology campus. 
  • “Hangin’ On the Half Pipe” – The outrageous frat party music video!
  • “Keepin’ Your Head Up!” – Ringers music video!
  • Feature Commentary with actors Lewis Black, Justin Long, Jonah Hill and Adam Herschman, plus director Steve Pink.
  • DVD-ROM MP3s including “B Goes to BKE,” “Uncle Ben's Theme,” “B and Hoyt Showdown,” “Party at BKE,” “Monica” and “B Kisses Monica."

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Accepted DVD

Street Date: November 14, 2006

Number of discs: 1 DVD

Running Time: 93 minutes
Synopsis: Go back to school this fall at a college where you don’t have to be smart, athletic or even good-looking to be Big Dude on Campus. After being rejected every place else, Bartleby “B” Gaines (Justin Long) and an outrageous band of misfits start their own university to keep their parents from finding out.  As “B” and his buddies take on a course load that emphasizes partying over studying, the South Harmon Institute of Technology attracts a standing-room-only crowd of losers, slackers, dweebs and rejects, as well as the unwanted attention of the snide dean of nearby Harmon College (Anthony Heald). An all-out, low-down battle between the two schools proves that there’s more to college life than just being Accepted.
Plot: Bartleby (B.) Gaines is a fun loving slacker who, unfortunately, gets turned down for every college he applied for, much to the charign of his overly expectant parents. So, with a little cutting and pasting, he creates the South Harmon Institute of Technology, and lo and behold, he is accepted (along with his friends Rory, Hands, and Glen, whose college plans were also all but dashed). However, his parents want to see the website, the campus, and the dean. So now he has his other friend Sherman (who has been accepted to the prestigious Harmon College) build a web page, they lease out an abandoned psychiatric hospital, and they hire Sherman's uncle Ben (played to perfection by comedian Lewis Black) to be the dean. Problem solved? Not quite. The web page was done so well, that hundreds of students show up at the front door, all of which were turned down by other colleges. Faced with no choice, Bartleby decides to proceed with turning South Harmon into a real college, and sets about figuring out what to teach and how to teach it. Meanwhile at Harmon, dean Van Horne meets with Hoyt Ambrose, a rich law student and head of the KBE fraternity (which Sherman is trying to become a member of), to discuss building a gateway for Harmon using land presently being used by South Harmon. He tries finding the leaseholder of the land, to no avail. Meanwhile, his girlfriend, Monica, catches him cheating on her, and a big party at South Harmon lures a chunk of Harmon's students away, including Monica into the arms of Bartleby. Now Hoyt uses Sherman, knowing he has been bouncing between the two schools, in an attempt to bring South Harmon down for good. However, Bartleby has an accreditation appointment with the state Board of Education to prove South Harmon's worthiness. Can he legally bring the South Harmon Institute of Technology to life and win the love of Monica?

US Theatrical Release Date:
August 18, 2006

Production Company: Universal Pictures,
Shady Acres Entertainment

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